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Matthias has been a creative for thirty years. Born and raised in Tennessee, he has always been drawn to and inspired by the natural world, the arts, traveling, and as an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians- from the Anikawi (Deer) Clan who represents peace- inspired by his culture. His artwork is comprised of mixed media, mathematics and life experiences, and has been a featured artist in multiple exhibits in the Nashville Area since 2018.

Matthias earned a mathematics degree from Tennessee State University and a master’s in education from Lipscomb University. With seventeen years of experience in education and mentoring, he currently serves as Director of Elevate: STEM & the Arts (ESA), an after-school program for the youth that specializes in math enhancement, mentoring and the arts, and as an instructor of mathematics at Tennessee State University.

3-Year Journey

In 2015 Matthias took a hiatus from education to rest, refocus and travel, and his experiences during the next few years would be life- changing. Upon documenting his travels and visions from 2015-2018, Matthias completed a collection of 8 original Fine Art pieces in which he inherently names 3-Year Journey. 


Let’s take you on his journey, from ‘Child's Play’ to ‘The Story of the Clown’, the first and last visual art piece of this collection.

Bring 'The Story of the Clown' to life by watching the short film below.


Matthias & Marco

Featured Art:

'3-Year Journey' Collection

Short Film:


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