Matthias- Visual Artist

Thank you for taking the time to visit Wolf Dog Studios. This platform was created to express ones GOD FLOW through visual art. Matthias shares part of his journey through a collection of original art which took him 3 years to create from 2015-2018, in which he inherently names, Jornada de 3 Anos (3-Year Journey).

Q & A with Matthias

Q: What's your earliest memory doing art?

A: I was 6 years young in Kindergarten, and I wrote and illustrated 5 books (Mother Dear still has them to this day). One book is named "The Pig Goes Out".

Q:What's your background?

A: Native American with ties to North Carolina and Tennessee.  My foundation was built around God, family and education. I feel I had a different perspective on life at a young age, from near death experiences to attending Pow Wows, those occurrences absolutely helped me to express my creativity through visual art. My background also consists of agriculture, family vacations, sports, and growing up in a socially disadvantaged town. That definitely swayed my decision to attend a Historically Black College (Tennessee State University) after graduating High School. I studied Architectural Engineering for 2 years, graduated with a degree in Mathematics, and received my Masters Degree in Education at Lipscomb University. Those educational experiences led me to become an educator and mentor. 

Q: Who or what are your biggest influences?

A: God The Universal Creator, the natural world, family, culture, love, architecture and mathematics.

Q: How have you developed your career?

A: Continually creating, reading and taking risks. Studying architecture, mathematics, and education really helped me develop my career. Traveling, seeing new places and experiencing different cultures have assisted with my growth. Also, building relationships. Iron sharpens iron, so I connect and collaborate with others that have already done what I'm doing, or are currently. You need a team, no one can do it own their own.

Q:What does your artwork aim to say?

A: Classic, original, beautiful, powerful, patience, and tranquility. It also aims say Osiyo ("Hello") to the world, this is what I created during a time of defeat,  recalibration, growth, reward, new adventure, heartbreak, healing and peace. Thank you for taking the time to view my GOD FLOW.



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